A Look At Electronic Cigarette Safety

The electronic cigarette may be still new to most markets, but the number of smokers who use them is growing rapidly. A British health campaigning charity known as ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) conducted a study recently. The findings showed that the number of people in the UK who reported trying e-cigarettes more than doubled in the period between 2010 and 2012 from 9% to 22%.

Almost all of the new users were smokers who had already smoked tobacco cigs, with 40% of them hoping the switch would shield them from the usual hazards associated with smoking. These hazards include a heightened risk of contracting lung cancer, mostly as a result of inhaling tar and other toxins released when tobacco is burned. This may raise questions as to whether e-cigs are safer compared to normal cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette are in the real sense smokeless cigarettes that are used as a substitute for tobacco ones. What they do is simulate the experience of smoking a normal tobacco cigarette, while avoiding burning the real tobacco. The good news is that the e-cigs are more beneficial to smokers across the world since they do not pose a threat to their health.

As already mentioned before, an electronic cig does not lead to any diseases, unlike the case of tobacco cigs, hence they are much safer to use. Traditional or tobacco cigars are known to have thousands of chemicals such as tar and additives. These additives can cause minor to serious illnesses to the smoker, such as cancer. With the technology utilized by the e-cig, a user does not have to burn tobacco. What takes place is that the cig activates a sensor that releases water vapor containing propylene glycol and nicotine, together with a taste and scent that is similar to that of tobacco.

Normal cigarettes are manufactured in such a manner that they have been infused with many harmful chemicals. Since they undergo combustion, it is not only the smoker who will inhale harmful toxins, but also passive smokers who will inhale the emitted smoke. With the e-cig, nothing is being burnt and no harmful smoke is being emitted. The main aim of e-cigs is to help smokers get their nicotine fix without the risk of getting diseases triggered by the harmful chemicals in tobacco.

The only tobacco-related product that these devices contain is nicotine. When compared to tobacco smoke, nicotine is relatively benign. While it is the addictive nature of tobacco that keeps smokers coming back to the habit, the harm is presented mainly by inhaling the smoke. Once nicotine itself is extracted and isolated from tobacco and utilized in its pure state, it is quite harmless.

For now it is still too early to know for sure the health effects associated with E-cigs since the products arrived in the UK just a few years ago. Extensive medical research and testing still has to be carried out, leaving the door open to many questions. However, there is no need to worry about electronic cigarette safety as they are much safer than normal ones.